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Are you looking for a new or used car in Elk River? The finance experts at Cornerstone Kia are here to help! With our convenient online tools and our expert staff who can answer all of your questions, you will secure the right Kia auto finance services easily. On top of that, we provide insightful car buying tips to help guide you along the way. Read on to learn more about the differences between financing and leasing to find out which option is best for you. Then, browse our inventory to find your brand new or pre-owned Kia.

Leasing vs. Financing: What’s the Difference?

While shopping for your next vehicle in the Rogers area, you’ll likely be presented with two options: to buy or to lease. But, what’s the difference between the two? Here’s a quick breakdown of how financing and leasing differ from each other:

Perks Of Auto Financing: 

  • Once your loan is paid off, you’ll have full ownership of the vehicle can customize it to your liking.
  • You don’t have any mileage limits to adhere to.
  • You have the ability to sell your car.

Perks Of Auto Leasing: 

  • Otsego drivers can easily upgrade to a new car every few years.
  • There’s little to no down payment.
  • Depending on the car you lease, your monthly payments can be lower than if you financed the car.

Take Advantage of Online Kia Auto Finance Tools

Whether you’re a novice car buyer or you’ve owned multiple cars, leasing or financing a car can be a stressful process. However, Cornerstone Kia works to make sure that long hours spent at a dealership are a thing of the past. You can take advantage of our convenient online tools that can help you purchase your dream car from your home in St. Michael:

  • Finance Application: Apply for car financing in Elk River online to get pre-approved.
  • Value Your Trade-in: Looking to trade in your current automobile? Find out the value of your vehicle and how much of that value can be applied to your next vehicle.
  • Payment Calculator: An important aspect of purchasing a new vehicle is knowing your budget. This tool will provide you with an estimate of your monthly car payments.

Secure an Auto Financing Plan with Cornerstone Kia

At our Kia finance center, we make it a priority to help our customers secure the keys to the vehicle they want for a price that won’t break the bank. You can rest assured that our experts will work with you to find the plan that will work best for you. If you have any additional questions about Kia auto finances, feel free to contact us today!

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