How to Trade in a Car

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Are your daily Rogers commutes in need of some new life? Well, trading in your current vehicle for a new car will allow you to enhance your driving experience, while also accommodating your budget. When you decide to trade in your vehicle at a car dealership like Cornerstone Kia, not only can you avoid the hassle of selling an automobile independently, but you can also apply your vehicle’s trade in value to the cost of the new car. Whether you want to know more about how to get the best offer on your car, or how to trade in your car, our finance experts are here to help. Take a look at your steps below on how to trade in your car and get the best trade-in offers in the Otsego area. 


How to Trade in Your Car: Trade-In Value 

Once you’ve decided to trade in your vehicle, the first step is to find out how much it’s worth. Cornerstone Kia makes this process easy with our value your trade tool. All you have to do is input your vehicle’s year, make, and model, as well as your name, email, and phone number. Then, you’ll describe your vehicle’s condition and from there you’ll receive an estimate of how much the car is worth. If you’d like to know more about your vehicle’s value, you can refer to resources such as Kelley Blue Book® Value and Edmunds True Market Value®

How to Trade in Your Car: Retrieve a Vehicle Appraisal 

Now that you have the vehicle’s trade in value, it’s time to visit Cornerstone Kia in Elk River to get an appraisal. When you visit the dealership, please be sure to bring your car’s trade in value estimate, as well as any additional trade in offers that you’d like for us to reference. Our team will conduct a thorough inspection of your car, and take our current used inventory into consideration to determine its official trade-in value.

How to Trade in your Car: Decide on a Trade-In Offer 

After we’ve completed the appraisal, you can decide whether or not you want to accept our offer or negotiate. When you decide to trade in your vehicle with Cornerstone Kia, it’s important to keep in mind that our offer isn’t set in stone. If you feel like your car is worth more based on the research you’ve done, please feel free to negotiate. Another perk you can look forward to when trading in your vehicle with us is that if you’re upside down on your auto loan and would like to add the remaining costs you owe to the price of your new vehicle, our dealership can make that happen. Once you’ve accepted the offer, you can either choose to receive cash or put the car’s value towards a new automobile. 

Trade in Your Vehicle with Cornerstone Kia Today! 

Now that you know how to trade in a car in the St. Michael area, visit Cornerstone Kia to get this process started. If you have any additional questions such as “can you trade in a financed car?” or “can I get financing with a bad credit score?”, check out our car buying tips or give us a call

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