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If you own a well-equipped Kia, you are no stranger to advanced features and functions. While you may have gotten to know the interior features offered by your new Kia, you may need some guidance to take advantage of all of the Kia key fob tricks designed to make life easier. Once you have the Kia key fob tricks nailed down, your daily Rogers commute will be easier than ever before. Discover the secrets to Kia key fob programming with Cornerstone Kia today!


An essential whenever you set out to run errands across Otsego, the lock button on your Kia key fob offers multiple functions:

  • Press this button once to lock all the doors.
  • Press this button twice within two seconds to set the vehicle’s alarm system, confirmed by the sound of the horn.


Just as critical as the lock feature, unlocking your Kia with your key fob after a long day at the St. Michael office has never felt smoother thanks to the following functions:

  • Press the “unlock” button once to quickly unlock the driver’s door.
  • Press the “unlock” button twice within two seconds to unlock all the doors for passengers and to load cargo.


Each Kia model is designed to maximize cargo space, allowing each area to be fully utilized. Easily access your trunk for easy storage with these operations:

  • On vehicles with a manual trunk or liftgate, hold the trunk/liftgate button for more than one second. This unlocks the truck allowing you to manually open the trunk or liftgate. 
  • On vehicles with a power trunk or liftgate, press and hold the button, and it will automatically open the trunk or liftgate for easy cargo space access. Press it again if you want to stop the trunk or liftgate.

Panic Alarm

Should you ever find yourself in need of assistance, Kia has your back. Along with a bevy of safety features, the Kia key fob panic alarm can cut through the noise to alert those nearby that help is necessary:

  • Press and hold the “panic” button for a half-second or more to set off the panic alarm.
  • Press and hold the button again to reset the alarm to the off setting.

Hands-Free Lock/Unlock

Just when you thought life with a Kia couldn’t be any sweeter, Kia offers a ‘hidden’ key fob feature to put the cherry on top. Once you and your trusty Kia key fob are in close proximity to your door, all you have to do is put your thumb on the handle to unlock your door. This bonus is a great perk for those of us in Elk River who live life in the fast lane!

Low Key Fob Battery

As a loyal Kia driver, you may find yourself in need of replacing your Kia key fob battery down the line. You always have the option to use your mechanical key tucked neatly away inside the key fob itself, or you can get a replacement:

  • Starting the Car – If you notice the battery in your key fob losing juice, hold the key fob to the remote start button. Push the start button with the key fob to fire up the engine. 
  • Accessing the Mechanical Key – Should your key fob lose power completely, you can easily access the mechanical key via the button on the back of your key fob.
  • Replace Key Fob Battery – If you find yourself in need of a Kia key fob battery replacement, visit our service department today. If you prefer a DIY approach and want to learn how to open a Kia key fob, get in touch with our parts center for the proper guidance and tools.

Get Help with Your Key Fob at Cornerstone Kia

Wondering, “Do Kia keys have chips?” In need of a new Kia key fob battery? Find the answers to all of your Kia key questions when you reach out to Cornerstone Kia today! Our expert Kia staff members can guide you through your Kia key fob programming and help you find a Kia key fob battery replacement in a jiffy!

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