What Does TPMS Mean?

TPMS Sensors


TPMS is essential to your safety and wellbeing in your Rogers commutes. What does TPMS mean? Abbreviated as TPMS, it is the Tire Pressure Monitoring System, which does exactly what it sounds like– keep track of the air pressure in your tires and lets you know if the pressure is off through the warning light on your dashboard. Many cars have this feature, so you can drive knowing your tires are in good shape! Learn more below with our service team from Cornerstone Kia.

How Does the Tire Pressure Monitoring System Work?

TPMS will notify you when it senses any of the tires are losing the recommended pressure. It will let you know on your dashboard despite how busy your life gets in the St. Michael area. The warning sign can appear as:

  • Flashing sign of a flat tire with an exclamation mark in the middle 
  • Turned-on sign of a flat tire with an exclamation mark in the middle 
  • Illuminated letters of TPMS

Once you get the sign, get your tires checked out by coming to our tire center near Otsego. If you’re enrolled in our You+ maintenance plan, tire pressure inspection will be covered! 

Effects of Low-Pressure Tires

There are several effects when the Tire Pressure Monitoring System senses the pressure of your tires is inadequate, including:

  • Poor traction
  • Decreased load carrying capability
  • Decreases fuel economy
  • A flat tire or blowout

A decreased amount of tire pressure will significantly impact the performance of your Kia vehicle and can lead to accidents on the road. However, the TPMS can help remind you, so you don’t need to manually remember when to check the pressure! 

Count on Cornerstone Kia for Services 

When your tires need your attention, come to Cornerstone Kia to get it repaired before you drive again. Our service team can help you by offering the following resources:

Get Your Tires Check at Cornerstone Kia Today! 

Now that you know what TPMS means, learn more about your tires from our service team! If you need your tires to be fixed, schedule an appointment now and we can get you back to safe driving in no time.


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